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Genealogist Services
Genealogist Services

the packages

Genealogist Services can supply a variety of packages or research to suit all budgets and requirements. Research is conducted to attempt to trace the required line/s back to the early 1800s. Tracing further back can be arranged where records are available.

“...This is way beyond what I was expecting. Great price, great item to have forever and show to my family....”

Kean from Kent (full review at the bottom of the page)

Outline chart and tube.

outline chart

Chart is 420mm high. Width is dependent on how many generations are researched.
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Research package book and sleeve.

Research packages are beautifully presented and are a wonderful gift to hand down to future generations.

Your family tree is presented as a chart printed on 300gsm paper in a protective cardboard tube.

Chart and tube.

research packages

Sleeve measures 240mm wide x 340mm high x 55mm deep. Book holds A4 pages.
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Research package book and sleeve.

All the research I find is presented in a magnificent hardback book with your family name foil embossed on the cover and it comes with a protective cardboard sleeve. The book is constructed so more pages can be added in the future should you wish me to research further.

what’s included

Your book will contain a report detailing research conducted with both positive and negative outcomes showing how each stage was established and suggestions of further research required. Where no information is discovered, there will be details of what sources were searched so research isn’t duplicated in the future.

A narrative report on the activities of each line of ancestry will be produced detailing where the ancestor lived, their occupation, details of children and how they fitted in contextually to events of the time.

Copies of census, any births/marriage/death certificates which have had to be obtained are included in the book along with any copies of wills, military records, parish records, newspaper articles, school records etc.

Your chart details the names and, where possible, the dates of ancestors on the line/s being researched.

research package options

single line package

(i.e. only maternal or paternal line, so in my case, my paternal Brown line)


full family package

(tracing all lines back)


Both these are based on an agreed starting person.

If either of these packages doesn’t suit your needs or if you wish to discuss a more specific research project, please Contact Me and it can be arranged.

There is a fixed rate per hour of £17.50 plus costs. These costs can include ordering of birth, death and marriage certificate at a cost of £9.25 each (as set out by the General Registration Office); travel to London which is £25; and any costs, such as copying, postage, ordering documents or accessing information are charged at the rate set out by the service provider. For packages, these costs are included in the fixed price.

special introductory offer - £95

Outline chart.

For the special price of only £95 you will receive an outline chart and a brief report detailing sources and how the information was obtained.
An outline chart is one with just the names, and where possible dates of birth, death and marriages of direct ancestors. This uses the births, marriages and deaths indexes and census records where available. No other details are provided but it can be a good introduction into what the family history looks like in regards to location and can also be used as a guide into which branches to pursue further.
Usually this will provide names back to the early 1800s. This package doesn’t include any records such as census records or certificates or parish registers.

Full review from Kean from Kent

“What can I say about this wonderful book? I’ve had similar work done for me in the past, but the trace had effectively dried up. It hadn’t really gone back very far. Kylie then told me she did ancestry. What I was presented with was a smart, highly detailed book, that covers a huge amount of my predecessors.

The book starts brilliantly with a list of contents, an introduction, research reports and sources. Absolutely perfect. The information inside is clear, concise, highly detailed and helpful in so many ways. I now have a great understanding of who my family were, and also how they lived and worked. There are photographs of various locations throughout and so many maps and certificates too!

This is way beyond what I was expecting. I now have a book of my family history, and a separate family tree too! Considering the huge amount of research that has gone into this, and many arduous hours taken up, it’s definitely value for money. Great price, great item to have forever and show to my family. Thank you so much Kylie!”