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Welcome to Genealogist Services. Many people want to learn more about where they came from and how their family’s past influences their lives today, whether the family have lived in the same area for generations or have travelled to the other side of the world. I am Kylie Brown and at Genealogist Services I aim to provide you with this exciting information in an easy to read and follow format.

“Thank you for taking on our family history. You really helped provide answers where we’d tried before and come to loose ends. Fantastic work...”

Kelly from London


the packages

Based on Romney Marsh in Kent, Genealogist Services can provide several research options, either a fixed package if you require research into just one or two lines of the family, or a full family tree package to research all lines.

If it is bespoke research, that can be arranged as well at a fixed rate per hour plus any additional costs which may be incurred (certificates, copying, travel, etc).

Should you require research not covered in a package or bespoke research, please feel free to contact to discuss further. I can also investigate locations in the Kent and Sussex areas should you not be able to get to those locations.



Research is conducted using a variety of online resources; visiting archives such as Canterbury Cathedral, Kent Family History Centre; East Sussex Records Office, The National Archives and Society of Genealogists.

For research in the Kent area, I will also endeavour to provide photographs of churches, villages and, where possible, locations where your ancestor was active.

All research aims to trace ancestry back at least 200 years, to the start of the 1800s in either the UK or Australia. This is dependent of a number of factors including availability of records, condition of records, and some people were very elusive and just cannot be found. If research is required prior to 1800, please contact to discuss further.